Specialized training designed to enhance the skills and overall performance of hockey players off the ice. Led by certified personal trainer and Showcase Hockey instructor Payton Williams, this program focuses on improving various aspects crucial for hockey players, including strength, agility, power, and endurance.


Strength training is crucial for hockey players because it boosts their on-ice performance by increasing power, speed, and endurance. It’s the key to dominating the game, delivering harder hits, faster skating, and improved resilience


Agility-focused training for hockey players prioritizing exercises enhance their lateral movement, quick changes of direction, and overall agility on the ice. Additionally, it incorporates sport-specific drills that mimic on-ice scenarios.


Off-ice skill training program for hockey players centered around improving their stickhandling, shooting, and passing abilities. Enhance their puck-handling skills and accuracy, ultimately translating to improved performance on the ice.


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